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  1. Poetz Waltz

Lyrics: Black Shakespere
Composer: Andrew L. Markham
Arranged by: Andrew Markham and Steve Henao
Rhodes and Organ: Andrew Markham
Bass: Steve Henao
Guitars: Marc Blackburn and Douglas Bosworth
Drums: Amos Przekaza
Cello: Adam Kahn


Poetz Waltz – Cosmic Botanica

It might be too early
It might be too late

You might meet your lover
You might meet your faith

Looking so pretty under the lights
Let’s dance like we’re poets into the night

We’ll shiver, we’ll shimmer just like the moon
We’ll fly and we’ll flutter like flowers in June

You’ll be my lover and I’ll be your fool
We’ll lay in the gutter battered and bruised

(Instrumental Break)

It’s never too early
It’s never too late

Your words cant curse me
But you can’t be too safe
Two broken mirrors, infinite lives
Lets dance like we’re lovers into the night

Our spirit will shudder just like the truth.
Like butterflies flutter on flowers in June
You’ll be my savior and save me from you
There’s blood on these pages
I need you to soothe