What a great show these last two weekends!! First of all, we like to thank everyone that has come out and supported us on this journey. It's great seeing your faces at these events. Much love and respect to each and everyone of you. 

Kremstock was great!! Lots of fun and lots of familiar faces out there!! We love it when you sing a long with our songs!! Thank you Aaron for throwing the event and making it all happen. The rest of the bands were dope and on point as well!! Especially the artists in the back showing off their beautiful artwork. We can not wait to play next years kremstock festival!

Bon vivant!! What a amazing new and familiar crowd!! if you don't know about Bon Vivant in atwater Village, california then you need know!! They are a french bakery/restaurant with a full bar. This show has lots of love in the air. We had a great turn out and they even invited us back to perform monthly!! Starting November 2nd 2019 we will be there!! the show is free, all ages with great food and drinks. Great for dinner dates, blind dates, coming out with the family and even just coming out with your friends! we can not wait to play this event every month. thank you for all the love!! 

August 21st 2019 is our new release for our new single "Tellin' U Vision". This song we were going to put on our last album but felt that it needed a little bit more work so we finally finished it and now it's ready to go. for those the read our news page, this song we originally released as "the mutiny" an instrumental but decided to call it a new name with the lyrics. the new single will be out this wednesday and will be hitting all the streaming sites especially #amazonmusic #applemusic #tidal Be on the look out for our new lyric video for the song as well.

if you haven't already, please subscribe to our youtube channel. We are gearing up to have more videos out and would love for you to hear our new releases first.  here is the link to subscribe to our youtube channel, please click to link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRUXVLWM9g5H-62yjMAjAug?view_as=subscriber 

Btw, do you see how long that link is??? well, under new "youtube rules" we would need to have a minimum of 100 subscribers before getting our actual name on the url. so, if you love our sound, love what we are doing, love the message we are spreading and love our "Do it yourself" videos/music then please subscribe to our channel. 

we are getting into putting up a store with some really cool designs and will have really cool deals coming up with our new releases so be on the look out for that.