Planet 9 ART Fest

6204 Encinta Ave, Temple City

Planet 9 Films & Vertigo Sound & Entertainment present:

a Three day Art, film & music event.

Vegan Potluck. Bring any cruelty free dish! Welcome to use our BBQ Grill.

ART: Driftwood Production Malik Pope Borlo Jizzy Creams Colin Odonnell Noodle ARTifacts KT Kinetic

Vintage Guru- retro threads & vinyl Immortal Feline- vintage & custom threads Most Prominent Co. Wesley Doloris - surreal toon comedy

FRI May 3rd 4:20pm-1am MUSIC- Area 420 Episode One (film)(4:20pm) Hawkeye Sucks (film) (4:35) Wettlaufers Widow (film) Kris X
Princess Frank Luis MERCS Moonsamy (film) Killing Tom (film) Current Value "That Smile" (film) Gruppo Subconscious 8ish Neck Beard (film) SUPERDIGITAL_2_18 (film) DEATH CAT Noctámbuloss (film) another day in paradise (film) Cosmic Botanica Widdershins (film) Post-Republik (film)

SATURDAY MAY 4TH Clock Kite Telepathic Telephones (film) Sarah Cisco (film) Jizzy Creams Earth
Jupiter Black
William Nicholson SQUIRREL SPAM GŇ‡Ø dî MøR‡é
Kitty Empire Kinetic Attack Knife Crime

SUNDAY MAY 5th 2pm-11pm DBCooper and the MKUltra - Primitive Rock and Roll BLUSH COFFIN DEAF KAT
Big Debbie
The Sad Girls 7pm Auro hollO 7:30 The Horrible Experiments of Dr.Quack (film)8pm Dan Kapelovitz Kapel-O-Vision (film)8:30pm Psychedelic Psychopaths (film)10pm

more to be announced!